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FMRX - Workshops and Retreats


"FMRX Offerings" include lifestyle choices for self healing.  Useful tips, tools and guidance....what to do in the beginning and how to create a thriving life.

Sometimes it's nice to go on a retreat or participate in a workshop. 

In person or on-line. 

Here are a few examples of FMRX Offerings:


  Introductory Courses/Workshops

"Self Healing - How to Start and why" 

"Sound and Frequency Healing and why " 

"Course Correction - Get Your Shift Together"


Intermediate Courses/Workshops

"Auric Analysis with Bio-Field Head Shot" 

"Bio-Field and Postural Analysis Full Body"

"Course Correction - Mind, Body, Spirit"

Advanced Courses/Workshops


"Ethical and Affordable Healing Devices"

"How to Hack your own Biology.  Methods, modalities and applications"

Retreats "At Home, Local or on-location"


"Bio-hack Reset" 

"Conscious Conversation"

"Light Language / Yoga"

"Meditation / Channeling"

"Synesthesia and the Somatics"

"Chanting, Importance of Presence, Instruments and Story Telling"

We welcome the opportunity to create a personalized retreat.  


Each event is customized based on the location and healing modalities that best suite your highest and greatest healing.


Look forward to speaking with you!


Anne Butters

Sound and Frequency Healing and Medical Medium 

I am a nadi-girl - it's all about plugging back in with heart centered love.

"Nadi in Hindi translates to electrical river or paths."

Anne is a "Nadi girl".  Nadis are the channels through which energy flows.  These unique channels of energy are interwoven with the nervous system, when plugged in, begins the development of the telepathic mind. 

"The nadis are formed by fine threads of subtle energetic matter.  They are different from meridians which have a physical counterpart in the bodies duct system.  The nadis represent an extensive network of fluid like energies which parallel the body nerves."  Reverend Mary Hardy Phd


"I chew so that others may digest."

Anne Butters


Joyce Mason

Bio-Field Imaging, Reiki Healer & Essential Oils

Bio-field Imaging | Quantum Energy Healer | Reiki Master (Usui, Seichem & Sekhem) | IET | Young Living Essential Oils | Soaps

"Living my greatest joy in every moment and being of service to others" has led me to a life of Quantum awareness and healing.  Finding tools along the way like Bio-field imaging, Reiki Healing, Young Living essential oils for health and wellness. Be the change you want to see in the world. I started here....”

Quantum Healing - the alchemy of energies .   Mastery in life, the ultimate journey.   Wisdom from an open mind, heart and understanding of ancient teachings in today's world.  Reiki Master from Usui, Seichem and Sekhem lineages.   Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Teacher.  Intuitive.


Blending of tools like Bio-field imaging, Human Design, Genekeys and Young Living Health and Wellness offers a view into our self and a path of transformation through self healing.


Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  An energy therapy that works with the body's own healing capabilities.

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