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Zip Slim 

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ZipSlim™ is the delicious way to lose 3X more weight, reduce cravings, and increase energy.

Do you carry extra weight? Always feel fatigued or a loss of zest for life? Just not feeling well? Maybe a loss of self worth?


Zip Slim can help.


It helps with free radical reduction, regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system. Zip Slim may help weight management, aid in anti-aging and boost energy for more robust functioning cellularly. Every cell in every organ becomes healthier offering better cardio vascular performance, brain cells work better for focus, memory, concentration and dealing with stress.


Cells make up the organs and everything gets healthier. Weight loss is as simple as flipping the switch for you to overcome metabolic overload.


When a cell has a good effective metabolism the switch is off, you will burn the food you are consuming, the extra fat and store energy for the future survival mechanism.


AMPK is an enzyme in every cell in body. It is the master metabolic switch. When we are young, the skin is nice, joints are flexible and the amp is naturally switched on as it helps you burn your food for energy, it keeps the immune system strong which is critical. When the AMPK switches off, it is harder to create energy to have a good life. Our overall

Health performance suffers, the heart weakens, the brain weakens, hormones weaken.


The importance of this master metabolic switch process helps one lose 3 x more weight than diet and exercise alone and helps with stress tolerance. The brain, thyroid and hormone systems heal offering better sleep, improved sexual satisfaction and enhanced coherence.


14 nutritional ingredients that help the amp cell switch on to support metabolism add energy feel better fitter healthier and happier.


Also note that AMPK deactivates from over eating, poor nutrition, poor habits and patterns where we are genetically wired to have a sensitive AMPK suffer.


To build a strong immune system, the defense system against pathogens which prevents infections from being severe, turn on the AMPK enzyme for healthier cells. Getting quality sleep is key. This is a major health challenge. A healthier brain helps us multi task effortlessly.



14 super nutrients in the blackberry lemonade formula turns the food calories into healing.

green tea


vitamin d

vitamin c



Vitamin b-12


milk thistle





alpha lipoic acid

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