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Smudging is the ancient practice of cleansing and clearing the soul with sacred herbs. Smudge, sage or incense, is derived from the Middle English word ‘smogen’  to ‘purify’ space, homes, people, places and possessions in a self cleaning ritual.


Why?  To MOVE energy along and bring about a feeling of peace and clarity. Most people can tell when a place just simply does not feel aligned;  Smudging is a remedy.  


Smudging uses the natural qualities of aromatics in conjunction with prayers and the intentions to improve the environment.  It is an act of will that removes the perception of negative influences and promotes a positive intention for the home, school and workplace.  


Smudging is a way of inviting higher spiritual vibrations into a place for healing, meditation, or to invite higher vibrations for access to  consciousness.  

  • So before you begin Say a little prayer, set the intentions  and invite the divine creator energy or what is relevant for you in for purifying the energy.  


  • Light the smudge with a match, lighter or hemp string, cleanse yourself first from toe to head then head to toe, then walk in one direction, into each corner with the intention that was set and conveyed with each meaningful breath.  Picture the stagnated energy attaching to the smudge as it whisks it away.  


  • After you have completely smudged, open the windows and doors and witness the release. 


  • Place the unused smudge into a fire proof shell until the next use.



Commonly used smudging herbs:


  • White Sage for clearing energy (negative) (energizing)


  • Dragons Blood for lucid dreaming


  • Rosemary for wounds headaches colds protection


  • Pine needles for strength


  • Palo Santo harmony



FMRX has a 3-pack bundle of white sage with dragons blood imbedded with solfeggio frequencies using pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF). This aids with clearing energy, lucid dreaming and has astral travel potential. 


Create the reality you desire.  - 

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